Tokyo 2020 | Belgium beat Australia by shoot-out to win first hockey gold

A worthy final if you look at the results of the team matches. Both teams are strong in their respective teams. On the way to the final, Australia defeated the Netherlands in the penalty corners in the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, Germany lost (3-1). Belgium were very strong for Spain (3-1) in the quarterfinals and advanced to the final, beating India (5-2). Last year, the nations in the Hockey Pro League also faced each other, with Belgium being as strong as 4-2.

Hockey final Belgium

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The first half

Tokyo 2020

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The Australians were unable to create a real opportunity in the first quarter. The Belgians were unable to create much risk and were left with two chances, which did not result in a goal. As a result, the score was 0-0 after fifteen minutes.

Two minutes into the second quarter, Cedric Charlier got a chance, but that didn’t exactly happen either. The most respected Belgian team in the home country would have loved to play in front of an entire stadium. For head coach Craig Fulton’s men, the lack of spectators is definitely a drawback.

In the tenth minute, after the Belts’ shot, referee Goen van Punke awarded the first penalty corner to Belgium. The first ‘mistake’ in Australian defense in the Olympic final, but the Belgians were unable to take advantage of it. There was a second chance, but here too Alexander Hendrix failed to highlight his team. With only three minutes left on the clock, the Australians were able to put a little pressure around the opponent’s circle. Although the Belgians took the lead in the first half, the scoreboard was 0-0 at the end of the first half.

Hockey final in Australia

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Second half

The plan of the second half was clear to the Belgians; Do the same as in the first two quarters. It was shown a minute and a half later. Florent Van Abel hit the ball slightly in front of the Australian keeper, after which Van Abel was able to tap the ball and give the Red Lions the lead.

The goal gave the Belgians confidence, pushed the team to attack further and put more pressure on the Australians. Keeper Andrew Charter on the Australian side needed a few more times to keep the OCs from retreating further.

Australia went on the offensive to rediscover itself. Flynn O’Keefe missed a big chance in the eleventh minute and missed a penalty corner goal given to the team a minute later. Goalkeeper Vincent Vanash saved the team against the goal.

In the fourth quarter, the Australians equalized within three minutes. Tom Wickham noticed a 1-1 draw with a high ball working beautifully. The pace increased for both teams after the goal. They created several chances but the final score was 1-1. The shoot-outs will determine who can be crowned Olympic champion.


Australia’s first shootout gets stuck in Vanash’s storage. Belgium took the lead by beating first. The second from the Australian stick went well. After three shoot-outs, it was rebuilt by Denier’s mistake. After two Australian mistakes, the victory seemed to go to the Belgians. However, the video referee ruled that Keeper Wild had made a mistake and should withdraw the shoot-out. This, too, did not go down well, after which Alexander Hendrix won.

Belgium’s victory was better than the last games in Rio de Janeiro. In the final, Belgium lost 4-2 to Argentina.

Hockey Final Australia – Belgium

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The most important man of Belgium

The most important man in the Olympics on the Belgian side was Alexander Hendrix. Belgium have been blessed with a very tough penalty corner and penalty shot and have already found the net fourteen times in Tokyo. If he had been three times more accurate in the final, he could have equaled the Dutch Dice Cruise’s old record of 17 goals.

Although he could not work out his goal difference in this match, he was again important, with many interruptions and of course his winning shoot-out.

Tokyo 2020

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Tokyo 2020

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