Tom Eggers’ secret items? They are about his love for language


Journalist Tom Eggers is known as the host of NOS Studio Sport. In addition to being a sports journalist, he is the creator of three travel programs about the UK: Toms England (2018), Tom Ireland (2019), Toms Scotland (202). As Harry Mulisch said: “Germany is the country of composers, France is the country of political creators, and Holland is the country of the Dutch gentlemen. England has been a country of storytellers since Shakespeare.”

There are a lot of stories in the UK, dramatic or romantic, and people are pretty good at telling them. It will be interesting to see what has happened to them since Brexit. England was culturally the model country for many other countries in the 1960s; Pop, Football, Vivienne Westwood, Design. Everyone relied on it. What is left of that UK? “

love language

The sports broadcaster has a great love for language, for authors such as WF Hermans, Harry Mulisch, Gerard Reve. Egberts has been much praised for the secret affiliate phrases in an advertisement, a subtle allusion or a beautiful metaphor in his presentation.

Tom answers: “Sports in general is not a complicated issue.” “But it doesn’t hurt if you have a sentence that might not be obvious to everyone, if it doesn’t bother everyone. The day Reve died, I tried to weave famous headlines and phrases from Reve into the score in the broadcast. From the summary I had to announce. I like it.” There are always scenes that he captures.”

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