Tommy Weringa wants Hannah Hoekstra and Jess Skolten Van Ashat to edit the book Currently

Writer Tommy Weeringa hopes actors Hannah Hoekstra and Jess Schulten van Ashat will get a role in a film adaptation of his book. Fast boat atmosphere, He said NOS with a view of tomorrow.

The author also spoke on the radio show about the long legal battle that began in 2010 when another producer worked on a cinematic adaptation that didn’t make him happy. In the end, the judge decided that the film should not be shot.

“I was inexperienced at the time, and I was too afraid they would cause a mess,” Weringa admits now. “Now I don’t have that fear anymore. I don’t have to make choices; book editing is always shorthand for something too big. Sam de Jong (Director, Editor) has my book at his disposal: I am very curious about the flower bouquet he chooses for his movie.”

Wieringa regrets that after the end of the affair he is close Fast boat atmosphere Known as a nuisance in the Film Fund. “My objections started when the plan was still very small. I didn’t want to keep mentioning this objection when I got too big, but I felt committed to the book at that time. Now the only requirement for the film fund is that I don’t get involved in the movie.”

The hit book is about Fransje Hermans, who lost his ability to speak after an accident and ends up in a wheelchair. It seems his life is over until he meets Joe Speedboot. The novel has sold nearly half a million copies.

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