Too little space for rugby club Amsterdam: ‘We’ll be really stuck next year’

Rugby club Amsterdam from Tuindorp Oostzaan is urgently looking for additional space now as the number of members continues to grow recently. But the question is whether that is possible in the place where the club is now.

The club isn’t that big yet, but the number of members has doubled in the last year: from about 35 to 70. This year it looks like the number of members will go up to about 120 and more space is needed for that. The club currently shares the sports field and the restaurant with football club SV de Meteoor in good advice, but space is scarce and distributing it properly is sometimes difficult.

Growth in residential construction

“We will actually be stuck with this occupation next year. If all goes well, it may not work out,” warns Jan Schalcks, president of Rugbyclub Amsterdam.

Expansion is not an option, if it is up to the municipality. This indicates that there is no place for more sports facilities in the area. One reason for this shortage may be the increasing housing development in the area.

“The sports standard is not mandatory”

The Amsterdam Sports Council is of the opinion that the city’s sports facilities are not growing sufficiently with the number of homes. That’s why the Sports Council developed the “Sports Standard” a few years ago. This standard should ensure that when construction is carried out, there is also enough space for sports facilities.

“We are really seeing that in recent years the amount of space we have for sport and the amount we plan to do, but because it is not mandatory, the plans are still very weak,” says Ajith Tillman, Chairman of Amsterdam Sports. board.

Alderman Simone Kukenheim (sport) says other existing parks are being renovated and expanded and they are looking for a place where they can continue to grow with the Amsterdam rugby club. The club itself prefers to stay in the same place in the center of the neighborhood.

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