Too much is not enough in times of need

Dronten municipality’s decision to allow the temporary reception of 1,500 refugees in a temporary facility at the site of the event near Wallibe sparked some discussion in the city council on Wednesday. The VVD was completely at odds with almost the entire city council.


Votes of approval were heard from most parties. This is expressed strongest by Danieke van Baal (GroenLinks). “We as GroenLinks are proud that we live in a municipality that does not look away from problems, does not keep pointing out to someone else and adheres to the credo ‘We do a lot already.’ Because ‘too much’ is not enough in times of emergency. We are proud to live in a municipality that looks at space. Available and space in our country and space in our hearts.Maybe in the hope of Holland See how it can be done Make sure you can take an extra step.Because if the will is there you will find space everywhere.


The opposite is VVD. We want to emphasize that we are a hospitable municipality. We provide space for 240 Ukrainians and 60 residence owners and have recently expanded AZC capacity by 30 percent. When are you going to stop Drontene? Barry Hugesand asked.

He is concerned about safety and whether reception will be at the expense of facilities for Dronten residents. It also annoys him that the city council and residents have not been informed of this before. According to him, the college had two months to do so.

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Steam and boiling water

The latter is incorrect, says Mayor Jean-Paul Gibben. “We were asked on September 15 by the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers.” He first turned to the Lowlands organization with the question if the Lowlands’ tents could serve as temporary shelter. You don’t have to like it. ‘The Lowlands don’t want that either,’ said a brow. The COA application for existing plans was not submitted until September 15th.

Forehead explained that at that moment all kinds of roads are running at high speed, at the same time and next to each other, under high pressure and with steam and boiling water. But the will in Dronten was there. If we can build a city here three times a year for three days where 60,000 people reside, and that’s going well, we’ve got it under control, can’t we do something for 1,500 people for six months to avoid the worst? Need to dump? When asked if Biddinghuizen should be consulted first, he was clear. – No, I don’t think so. This is an emergency. You would if it was a permanent center for asylum seekers, but not here.

without costs

When asked if this would be at the expense of Drontense utilities, which the CDA has also asked a question about, it could also be clear. COA bears all costs. We even receive compensation for the administrative effort that cost us. On-site education is not offered for those six months, the COA arranges the medical facilities themselves, so it doesn’t cost Dronten anything financially.

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For Hugesand, the answer was not enough. “It is not satisfying that we are as weak as the council. You should have consulted the residents and we, especially given the social impact of this decision.


However, Jebben made short work of it. ‘The inability of the Council….’ Yes, sorry, try to get into college as a VVD. This decision is the authority of the college. You have council authority and you have university authority. I think you know that well. So don’t say “board powerlessness” when it comes to board power.” PvdA and Leefbaar Dronten also responded to the comment. “I’ve never felt powerless as advice,” Roelf Ratrink and Jan Amerlan said in unison.

other stones

The VVD requested the mayor, in particular, to enter into discussions with other municipalities in order to ask them to contribute to the reception of the remains of refugees. Did you ask Elborg, for example, if she also wanted to take in refugees, because they don’t do anything at all? Or do you talk to other mayors in other municipalities, eg municipalities that also have big events? Hoogezand asked.

Gibben responded with this question. “If you only ask your comrades in other municipalities to do something. I did not discuss this with the surrounding municipalities of Elburg, Harderwijk and Kampen, but told them we would. The three colleagues reacted ‘Very well.’” The churches in Elburg immediately offered Help her “But are you actively approaching other mayors? We lead by example. And Minister of State Van der Oroge, from a party you know well, is working on regulations to compel municipalities that do something to do something. This is the task and jurisdiction of the state, with respect to the brow.

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quote borrow

A brow indicated that he would borrow a Danica van Pal quote from her in the near future. This says it all. “Too much is not enough in times of need.”

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