Top 3 Movies Watched On Netflix This weekend

Are you curious what movies are currently being watched on Netflix in the Netherlands? These are the 3 best!# 1 Outside the wire (2021)

Director: Mikael Hafstrom | cast: Damson IdrisAnd the Anthony MacyAnd the Emily Beecham, it is in

After a fatal mistake, the stubborn drone pilot Harp is sent to Ukraine, where a civil war is raging. There he experiences for the first time what it’s like to fight at the front. In Ukraine, Liu, an advanced robotic officer, takes him under his arm. Together, they should prevent a Russian-backed rebel group from getting their hands on a nuclear missile.

# 2 We can be heroes (2020)

Director: Robert Rodriguez | cast: Pedro PascalAnd the Christian SlaterAnd the Priyanka Chopra, it is in

When the Heroics discover that a space fleet of Ogima is about to attack Earth, they quickly set off for action. However, their mission completely failed: the heroes were captured by aliens. For their children, who also possess superpowers, to stop the alien invaders.

# 3 Duty line (2019)

Director: Stephen C. Miller | cast: Aaron EckhartAnd the Courtney EatonAnd the Ben MacKenzie, it is in

Shameful police officer Frank Benny is finally able to take action when his boss’s 11-year-old daughter is kidnapped by a deranged suspect. Benny risks everything to find her in time. A young journalist named Ava decided to capture Benny’s mission from start to finish with her camera.

Can’t be missed:

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