Top 5 Android Apps and Games of the Week (No. 15 2023)

Collect stamps to get a sandwich at the station and train your brain with puzzles. Find out and more in this week’s edition of the best Android apps and games.

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1. On the go

With the Tasty Road app from NS you can travel comfortably by public transport. The app is a digital collection point for savings cards at various stores in the stations. For example, you can have a free croissant at Kiosk, coffee at Stations Huiskamer, or pasta at Julia’s.

So, to get a free snack or drink, you can save up the stamps you get when you buy that snack or drink. Did you get a cup of coffee from the kiosk six times? Then the seventh is free. The app also works without an account, so you can start saving right away. tasting!

Nice on the road

NS Group N.V

2. Not 2

“La La La Up”, is it going down or going up? With clues like this, you break your mind in Not Not 2. In no time you decide which way to send your man, based on the text on the screen. To make things more complicated, the game uses double denials and there is a timer that runs faster and faster.

Not Not 2 - Brain Challenge - Preview - NL Landscapes

There are also different colors that you have to take into consideration. Train your brain by participating in daily challenges and imagining your way through the levels. Unfortunately, after a level, you will be briefly interrupted by an ad, but other than that, the app is free to use.

3. Potty

Are you planning an activity with friends or family? Then invest money easily with Potje. With this app, you can save them both for a day, vacation or another outing. Each person contributes a small portion from time to time by asking for payment.

little pot

You can customize your jar for the event or picnic you’re saving it for. Users can have nicknames and add pictures to make keeping together more fun. Call your friends together and fill a jar in the potty.

Orange is the newest part of the Bart Punt color series. Like her games like yellow, green, pink, and red, orange is all about one color. And it is – you guessed it – an orange.

Orange, a puzzle game for you!

The game consists of 50 puzzles that look simple but get more and more difficult. Each game also has its own logic, which challenges you to make connections and find the solution. Are you really not sure? Then there are always hints to help you further.

5. ANWB is on the way

The ANWB Road app has been available for years on the Play Store and also on robot planet We dealt with it once. The app strives to be a comprehensive driving app. The app provides navigation with up-to-date information, traffic and traffic reports, mobile parking, and, of course, you can report a breakdown for roadside assistance.

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A number of new features have appeared with the latest update. For example, you will receive notifications about approaching ambulances while driving, so that you can give way on the road at the right time. Do you drive in the school district? Then you will also receive a notification. This way you are aware of the possibility of children crossing and hopefully watch your speed.

ANWB is on the road and roadside assistance


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