Top handball player Yvette Broch refuses to be vaccinated and drops out of the Olympics Sports

All other players on the Dutch handball team have already been vaccinated. The Dutch Handball Association respects Broch’s decision, but regrets it. We respect Yvette’s decision, although we very much regret her not attending the Olympics. She’s a great handball player and we’d love to see her shine on the field. The first part of the selection will begin on Monday with preparations for the Olympic Games. We have confidence in the team and are looking forward to the championship,” says director Sewers Rutger.

Bruch returned to the national team in April, after being unavailable for two and a half years and taking a long time to herself. Broch anticipates a lot of reaction to her decision, but says she only wants to do the things that she supports and totally enjoys. “I know it’s a sensitive thing,” she says. vs NRC about her decision not to vaccinate. “I expect that many people will not understand me. My image is probably dying. But the fact that I hardly dare to share my opinion is already too bad, right? If, as an outstanding athlete, you have a different opinion than what is expected of you, you should be careful. I find That’s very intense.”

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