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TOP Oss will race Roda JC in Kerkrade on Friday evening. In Ossenaren, the acquisition of Bradley van Hoeven has the right to play immediately. The striker is on loan from Almere City for the rest of the season and should give Top an attacking splash.

After a late win over Telstar, TOP Oss hopes to close the gap between the middle bracket as soon as possible. An away match against Roda JC is usually not the perfect opportunity for that, but the team from the far south is going through a difficult period.

The Limburgers have lost four of their last five games, dropping to ninth in the Kitchen Champion Division and also seeing coach Jurgen Streppel leave for Helmond Sport. This provides opportunities, according to TOP Oss interim coach Marcel van der Sloot.

open match

I expect a fairly open game, in which the opposition will put a lot of pressure forward and there will be a lot of space between the lines. “We have to take advantage of that, without getting ourselves into unnecessary trouble,” says van der Sloot. Our main objective is to win, of course, but we also want to create depth in our game and create danger in the opposition half.

In search of a second victory after the winter break, TOP Oss could immediately have newcomer Bradley van Hoeven at their disposal. The striker has had little playing time at Almere City and is hoping for several minutes in Os. Technical Director Clas Wells: , Bradley is a player who can cover the entire left flank, but we mainly see him as an attacking reinforcement. ”And that’s also what Van Hoeven wants: to pass. With this I hope to be able to help TOP Oss for the rest of the season and be able to score a number of goals myself,” says the newcomer.


According to Van Hoeven, it’s never too late for TOP Oss to make it a great season. ,, In this competition you have to get into a certain flow and sometimes you have to get lucky. Two seasons ago I was 14th with Go Ahead Eagles in December and we were eventually promoted to the Eredivisie. Let’s say we beat Roda JC on Friday, the gap with the qualifying places – depending on other results – is only about five points. Much is still possible.”


In the event that, for example, Margaritha or Tejan are gone, there will be more space. We’re obviously promoting selection

Class Wells

Returned Kai Tegan is yet to be picked against Roda JC. A solution to it that would be good for both the club and the player is currently being sought. If he stays in Os, he can walk out the door for free in the summer. Top also has striker Gino van Kessel on trial. Next week it will become clear if he is eligible for a contract. Jearl Margaritha is still missing from Osse’s pick, and is officially “sick.”

Behind the scenes, Wells has been busy looking for more winter reinforcements. According to the technical man, the first half of the season was critically evaluated and it appeared that TOP needed a boost in a number of situations. “With Aviker and Mospa gone, there was room for Van Hoeven to arrive. In the event of departure, for example, Margaritha or Tejan, there would be more space. We are obviously working on strengthening selection,” he said.

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