Top Trending Questions on Diwali: Explained by Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Title: Google CEO Sundar Pichai Engages with Users on Diwali Traditions, Apple CEO Tim Cook Expresses India’s Importance

In a heartwarming gesture, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, took to social media to extend Diwali greetings to his followers on Sunday. Pichai tapped into his vast online presence to engage with users worldwide, sharing the top questions users had about Diwali traditions on his X handle.

To bring a touch of creativity to his post, Pichai uploaded a GIF featuring a beautifully illuminated lamp adorned with numbers from 1 to 5. These numbers corresponded to the most popular queries people around the globe had been searching for regarding Diwali.

Curiosity about why Indians celebrate Diwali, the significance behind rangoli art, the essence of lighting lamps, the reasons behind performing the Lakshmi puja, and the importance of an oil bath on Diwali emerged as the top queries.

Pichai’s interactive post promptly attracted the attention of numerous individuals on X, who took the opportunity to share their greetings with him. Notably, Apple CEO Tim Cook also joined in to wish Indians a Happy Diwali on the same platform.

Cook’s message, however, went beyond just expressing festive greetings; he highlighted the increasing importance of India for Apple’s growth as well. Underlining Apple’s strategic focus on expanding its presence in India, Cook acknowledged the country’s significance and the potential it holds for the company’s future trajectory.

As the world’s most valuable technology company, Apple’s interest in India signifies the nation’s growing prominence in the global tech landscape.

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This exchange between two tech giants, both recognizing the cultural significance of Diwali, resonates strongly with the global Indian diaspora. It symbolizes the growing acceptance and inclusion of diverse cultures in the tech industry.

Overall, Pichai’s engagement with users and Cook’s message of support and gratitude highlight the spirit of Diwali – inclusivity, celebration, and growth. These messages also serve as a reminder that the festival of lights transcends borders, bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures.

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