Topaz will help Australians improve care for the elderly with dementia

Topaz, a healthcare organization, has partnered with Australian Hammond Care to improve the quality of life of dementia patients. They begin their collaboration tomorrow, tomorrow, on World Alzheimer’s Day, with an online meeting with speakers from both organizations.

Under the name ‘Stronger Together’, the two security systems will share knowledge in the field of dementia, such as complex problems and behavioral change and small-scale design for people with dementia. Hammond Care wants to learn from Huntington’s specialized care and treatment for people with Huntington’s disease from Tobas Overdine, the Huntington Professional Center in Godwig. Experts work together in scientific research, and there will be opportunities for knowledge networks and mutual exchange employment for intelligent and Hammond care employees.

Tobas wants to learn from the knowledge of Australians in the field of dementia-friendly design and care for people with dementia at home. The first fruits of collaboration are reflected in the plan: Better home with dementia. This is a special 5 day mini holiday for couples who are learning to deal with early dementia. The Dementia Specialist Center for Topaz and Activite was launched this week. Hammond Care developed the program in 1997.

Another special feature is that many elderly people who immigrated from the Netherlands in the 1950s and 1960s live in Australia. Among others, due to dementia, some of these elderly people speak mainly Dutch. Experts in topaz can also be important to them.

Webinar on Dementisork
On the webinar, Pushparagam will speak with Director De Jong and Professor Wilco Acerberg, Associate Professor and Director of the Hammondcare Dementia Center Colm Cunningham and Professor Susan Kurley, who is also Head of Geriatric Care at the University of Sydney. They talk about topics such as intensive innovation in hygiene, specialized Huntington care and small-scale care within the unique relationship-based care model of topaz and hammond care.

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With their participation on the Webinar, the Australian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Dutch Ambassadors General Frank von Pooningen and Matthew Newhaus underscore the importance of this cooperation.

The booked webinar will be available tomorrow at 10:00 am Topaz.

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