Topological insulators make electronics more economical

Materials that are neither conductive nor dielectric, so-called topological insulators, could make our smartphones and laptops more efficient in the future.

Topological insulators make electronics more economical

In electronics today, a lot of energy is lost through heat.

Topological insulators are neither conductors nor insulators. It is already there, but it only works if the material is cooled to the limit.

building blocks

By using topological insulators as building blocks in phones and laptops for example, the energy loss due to heat can be eliminated.

Scientist Luca Rosa Baumeister, who received her Ph.D. from the University of Twente last week, has developed materials that can act as topological insulators at room temperature.

bismuth barium oxide

One of those promising substances is BaBio3, barium bismuth oxide. Baumeister traveled back and forth between the Institut Mesa+ in Twente and Paris in a special vacuum box to conduct research there.


Despite Bouwmeester’s research potential, it is expected that it will take another 20 to 25 years before they become topological insulators in our phones and laptops.

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