| Total frenzy after an unexpected college football win: a massive field storm and theft of goal posts

College football is arguably the best sport the United States has to offer. By that we don’t mean the quality of the game, we mean the outline around it. Last night it happened again. Tennessee volunteers delivered a resounding surprise and with it a folk festival.

The Volunteers haven’t beaten the great Alabama contender Crimson Tide for 16 years. So you can understand that the joy was great when you finally succeeded again. Especially the way it was done was amazing.

Winning a field goal
It was very exciting in Knoxville, Tennessee. fit in dying seconds It became clear who would win. This eventually became the home team of VERY LAST SECOND. Chase McGrath became the great champion of the University of Tennessee. His team shot through a field goal to the crazy victory: 52-49.

folk festival

After McGrath kicked the ball between the goalposts, all hell broke out on Nieland’s court – in the good sense of the word. Tens of thousands of students dressed in orange stormed the square to celebrate the ceremony. In the end, one of the goalposts, which was also spotted in downtown Knoxville, was also stolen. What a fortune.

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