Toto Wolff on US focus on Formula 1: ‘Nothing is sacred, everything has to evolve’

Toto Wolff doesn’t necessarily think the American focus on Formula 1 is a flaw. The Mercedes team boss shares Europe’s tradition, but points out some episodes where the race should be a lot better, like in Monaco.

Next year, Formula 1 will see three races on the US mainland. This year, the sport is already in Miami and will land in Austin in a few months. The evening race will be added in Las Vegas next season. Not all Formula 1 fans are happy with these choices. For example, there is a section concerned with the traditions of the sport and the disappearance of famous circuits, such as the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Wolf speaks to financial times take up this topic.


Wolf realizes that sport will pay more attention to the United States. Tradition is important, of course, but sport must continue, too. “Nothing is sacred, everything must evolve,” he says. Monaco uses the Grand Prix as an example. It is one of the most famous races in the world, but he can still count on the necessary cash. For example, the big challenge for drivers remains to stay focused for seventy laps, but in terms of race, it often doesn’t score that high. Wolff agrees with Monaco: “The race has to be better.”

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Formula 1 is a far cry from Formula E, but sometimes there are still criticisms about the sound of the engines. Since the departure of the V8 engines, the iconic Formula 1 sound has disappeared. But according to Wolff, that shouldn’t be an issue: “Everything stands or falls while providing great entertainment and as long as we do that, we [fans] We don’t lose because we drive with hybrids or less noisy cars, or because drivers kneel on the grid.”

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