Tough youth on the rugby field: turnover program launched in Amsterdam

Respect, discipline and camaraderie. These are three important core values ​​in rugby. Core Values ​​Program Turnover uses to get youth back on track. Turnover originates from Great Britain and has been in the Netherlands for almost ten years. This year, Turnover’s headquarters have moved to the National Rugby Stadium in Amsterdam.

Project turnover was launched in Alkmaar nine years ago. Founder and director Jori Beberkamp had been working in a closed youth care facility and decided things could be improved.

“The young people we guide through turnover come in daily contact with rugby, but also with other sports such as boxing, jiu-jitsu and basketball. The young people are registered with us by the municipality, parents or the judiciary. The young people come to us for three to a maximum of nine months. We’re trying to bring that back to school. We have a whole team that works with the youth. It goes back from the movement to get those youth.”

A group of young men standing on a rugby field in Guuzenveld is now three months away. It is a mixed group. Boys and girls between 12 to 16 years of age. On Friday there was an official moment to celebrate the visit to Amsterdam.

Among those in attendance were former British rugby international Delon Armitage and Dutchman Fabian Holland, 20, who plays rugby in New Zealand. “What Jory and the Turnover people have done is really special. To see all these young people like this. A new path has been created for them through rugby. It’s fantastic.” Jory is proud that Fabian is where he is today. “He’s a crazy role model for these young people.”

Rugby player Fabian Holland

Next year will mark ten years since the turnover. “Of the 950 youth we have helped so far, 80 percent have returned to school or work,” says Jori. “But what I think is more important is that 65 percent of our young people don’t go back to their old behavior anymore. They don’t come out with the police anymore. I think that’s a very good image. Not only for the young person, but for us as well.”

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