Traffic lights at level intersections in Hardinxveld-Giessendam increase safety

Posted on March 31, 2022

Trucks that have to stand still at the level intersection in Giessenzoom in Hardinxveld-Giessendam are now a thing of the past. Thanks to the new traffic control installation that ProRail installed there, trucks now have all the space they need to get to Parallelweg.

Dozens of trucks in one day

At the level intersection in Giessenzoom, long trucks often could not enter Parallelweg at once. Kees van Dongen, Project Manager at ProRail explains: “A new company has arrived in Giessenzoom. This has significantly increased freight traffic. The trucks need room to bend from the level junction to Parallelweg. They end up briefly on the ‘wrong’ side of the road Plus, they always have to give priority. In doing so, those trucks stay on the track with their appearance, which is of course dangerous. We now hear that the new traffic situation, with the traffic lights, is really a huge improvement for drivers and operators of Qbuzz.”

The situation is safer

A spokesperson for Qbuzz, carrier on MerwedeLingeLijn, says so as well. “Our drivers have noticed that since the new situation, freight traffic can cross the level crossing safely and on time so that we can pass the level crossing without problems or unsafe situations.” Drivers used the horn regularly around the level crossing to warn drivers. To the satisfaction of the locals, this is now a thing of the past. The municipality of Hardinxveld-Giessendam, with which cooperation went well during the project, is also satisfied with the end result.

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start pilot

Elsewhere, motorists sometimes stop for longer than required at traffic lights near a railway intersection. Thus, the new traffic control installation at Giessenzoom is also the start of a pilot. This pilot model will study whether similar traffic situations across the country can also be adapted. This allows us to keep these types of level crossings safe, but also ensures that drivers can continue their journey more quickly.

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