Traffic School Janssen has space for new motorcycling students


DELFT – Have you always wanted to get your motorcycle licence? good news! At Verkeersschool Jansen a number of students have passed their exams again, so there is room for new students.

Especially now that the weather is getting nicer, more people are eager to ride motorbike for free. But be aware: Riding a motorcycle is very different from driving a car. And the lessons are also different.

It all starts with controlling your bike. Unlike driving a car, you start not with traffic lessons, but with AVB lessons. “Say, special ops on a motorcycle,” explains Anita Jansen of Traffic School. “Think turning, zigzag, eight-turn, braking, swerving and emergency stopping. You will also learn how to park in reverse and drive out of a parking space. The AVB concludes with a compulsory exam. Only after you pass that will you follow traffic-participation lessons.

There are many similarities between participating in traffic and driving a car, but there are still differences. “What you have to realize above all is that you are most vulnerable,” Anita warns. The car acts like a cage around you. You don’t have that with a motorcycle, and that means you have to be more aware of where you are on the road, that you have to anticipate other traffic well and that you have to learn to look a little further away. These differences are also why a separate theory test is required to obtain a motorcycle licence: “The traffic lights remain the same, of course, and so are the rules, but the lines, your place on the road, it’s all different. Anita herself provides test support, for both the motorcycle and the car: “I also review workbooks and exams with our students.”

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Just good
Just learn to drive well, that’s the motto of Verkeersschool Jansen. “With us, you know exactly what you’re getting: comprehensive, reliable lessons from a regular instructor. We differentiate ourselves in how we treat people.” And also not unimportant: lessons at Verkeersschool Jansen, cars and motorbikes, at reasonable prices! You can choose a package of 10 driving lessons (one and a half hours long) including the AVB test for €749. Of course you can also contact Anita for driving lessons. There are packages of 30 driving lessons including test day and exam for €1,675 or packages of 10 lessons for €475. Contact Anita for more information: she can be reached at 0642807373.

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