Transformation for Brainpark | Rotterdam

Office buildings will be converted or replaced with sustainable residential and/or business locations. The plan also states to do something about noise pollution from the A16 and air quality. To ensure noise reduction, screens will be installed between the buildings along the A16. The municipality is also interested in the nature of the area. The possible new crossing of the river was taken over Maas, which connects the area to the rest of the city. And more green to come. In this way, Brainpark I will soon be a healthy, green and sustainable home business location.

Masterplan Brainpark I

Brainpark I is located between the Erasmus University campus and the A16. Now Brainpark I is primarily known as the office park. The master plan shows that this area can turn into a lively area with a good mix of homes, businesses and amenities such as catering.

housing construction

One of the most important developments in this plan is that there will be an area of ​​2,500 to 3,000 homes in various categories; 30% social rent, 40% middle and 30% upper class. Rotterdam continues to grow strongly and therefore the demand for housing is increasing. It is not easy to find a suitable home especially for students, beginners, seniors and families of one or two people. Alderman Bas Curvers (Building and Living) says: Building different types of homes in Brainpark I can meet part of that demand.

office space

The current space of 90,000 square meters will remain available for offices and businesses. On the ground floor of the residential and office buildings, 45,000 m2 of space will be added for commercial and social facilities. The municipality will also ensure that more nature and water can be found. The centrally located garden and ponds are being renovated. New residential, business and residence buildings will be built around this.

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775 social and medium-rent apartments

The master plan lays down the most important principles for the development of Brainpark I. Following the decision of the municipal council, the municipality will develop plans in cooperation with the developers. Like Project Bakers | Hommen with approximately 775 social and medium rent apartments with facilities in Max Euwelaan. Depending on how the spatial legal process progresses, construction could begin in 2023.

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