Travel and fuel restrictions after major floods in Canada

The city of Abbotsford in the Canadian province of British Columbia was largely inundated after major flooding earlier this week.Reuters photo

“We are asking people to limit their fuel consumption and travel with their vehicles at this time,” County Public Safety Secretary Mike Farnworth said at a news conference. Motorists are not allowed to fill in more than thirty liters of fuel. “We are not only asking people to travel through hard-hit areas — for their own good, but also to make sure that the fuel we have goes to the services that people need in this time of crisis,” Farnworth said.

Authorities are still searching for four missing persons in the Pemberton area, where aid workers discovered the body of a woman this week.

The military, mobilized since Wednesday, has been working in several parts of the county to clear roads and build a new dam in the partially flooded town of Abbotsford. Heavy rain is expected again next week.

The extreme weather events in British Columbia come several months after unprecedented heat waves hit the region this summer. Then more than 500 people died due to the high temperatures and forest fires destroyed the place.

Water washed a bridge near the town of Hope (British Columbia).  Image via Reuters

Water washed a bridge near the town of Hope (British Columbia).Image via Reuters

People attack water with sandbags in Barrowtown near Abbotsford.  AP . image

People attack water with sandbags in Barrowtown near Abbotsford.AP . image

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