Travel Certification Included in the CoronaCheck app • The second AstraZeneca shot is put back faster

The intention is already to be ready by July 1 with the covid travel certificate that the Dutch can travel across Europe. Ron Roosendaal, Director of Information Policy at the Department of Health, said so on the radio show News & Associates. “Everything aims to be ready in the Netherlands on or before July 1. This will be done using an app already known, and it is already in the App Store. This is the CoronaCheck app, which is now used to arrive in the Netherlands. And the negative tests.

The app is being prepared to also contain information about short-term vaccinations. According to Roosendaal, it will be “the hard work to make this happen in the coming weeks.” He says every EU member state will soon have its own app that residents can use to request their European QR code to travel with.

According to him, people can log into the app using their DigiD, after which it is verified if they have granted permission to submit their data to RIVM. If RIVM has its data, that data will also be included in the app. “Then you say: Create a European QR code, and you can show that code on the border, for example.”

In conversation with News & Associates Roosendaal also said that inadequate registration of vaccinations in the Netherlands represents a bottleneck in certification development. It was previously reported that the RIVM database is incomplete, for example due to slow or underreporting of vaccinations by general practitioners or because people indicate that they do not want to register their injection. According to Roozendaal, it is not yet clear how people can obtain covid-19 certification in these cases, but work is underway.

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