Travel to European Union countries with a QR code starting July 1

This summer there will be a European Covid travel certificate. After long deliberation, the states, the European Parliament and the European Commission reached an agreement. The intention is to travel with the certificate from 1 July.

Travelers will soon be able to prove that they have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus using a QR code, or that they have already been infected, or that they have been protected.

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People who have only had one vaccine can apply for certification. Countries can decide for themselves whether they think a single injection is sufficient to accept a person or whether they need a vaccine. So vacationers will have to carefully check whether their vacation country is satisfied with a single take.

The European Parliament and heads of government differed widely on a number of points. For example, Parliament wanted free testing for people who had not yet been vaccinated, but many countries did not like them. Countries also wanted to be able to continue deciding on their own about potential additional measures, such as a quarantine commitment.


It has become a compromise. A fund of € 100 million is being created to make PCR tests affordable for low-income people and people who have to regularly cross borders. So it has not been demonstrated in Europe that PCR tests should be free.

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