Treasure chest with gold coins falling from the wall during the renovation of the French house

An auction house announced the find in the lead up to the auction. Two years ago, the coins were found during the renovation of a château near Quimper in western Brittany.

iron box

Workers of a construction company demolished an old wall. “A metal box fell at their feet,” says 63-year-old homeowner Francois Millon. against Le Parisien. “It contained 154 gold coins. Three days later, a cloth bag was found on top of a beam near another wall.” It contained another 85 gold coins.

It turned out to be from the 17th century, from the reign of Louis XIII and Louis XIV. The oldest dates back to 1638, and the last dates back to 1692.

The owner of the house decided to inform the mayor about his hometown. Make sure to bring the coin treasure to safety. end of this month Will the coins be auctioned?. Auctioneers expect a return of between 250 thousand and 300 thousand euros.

Funds are divided between owners and finders. They are fortunate that the French law that all archaeological finds automatically go to the state applies to property acquired after mid-2016. The owners of this palace acquired it in 2012.

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