Treasure hunters dive into the New York River in search of mammoth bones

to me Associated Press news agency Treasure hunters take to the river with boats, scuba gear, and underwater cameras in hopes of finding the precious bones. The reason: In 1940, a freight car complete with the historical remains was dumped in the river. At least, according to a guest on a popular podcast.

On December 30, an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast by Joe Rogan comedian John Reeves, appeared. He is an Alaskan prospector with a passion for fossils. He had already found countless historical bones and fangs in his country.

Not usable in the museum

In the first half of the 20th century, a large group of mammoth remains were found in Alaska while searching for gold. According to Reeves, the find could have been taken to the American Museum of Natural History, but some of the remains were of no use to the museum and were dumped into the river.

The Alaskan treasure hunter says he bases his claims on an old document drawn up by three men, including a museum employee. It is said that the bones were thrown into the water near 65th Street, writes ap.

A beautiful story, which the museum in question in New York immediately dismissed as a myth after the audio broadcast. Although there are remains of an Alaskan mammoth in the museum, there is nothing in the archives to support Reeves’ claims. “And not in other scientific sources,” the museum wrote in a statement.

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