Trefpunt gets containers to ‘grow’ | Eindhoven

Eindhoven – Four six by three meter containers will be added as an extension of the Trefebont meeting point in the Temple District. The permit procedure is ongoing, but Chairman Ge Wonink wants the containers to be in place by early next year.

“Because there are temporary leases, containers have been selected to reduce financial risks. In light of the zoning plan, there is no room for renewal,” says Wonink.


Now that Trefpunt is closed to ‘normal’ coronavirus-related activities, there is plenty of room for sponsorship organizations Zorgmed and Archipel. But once it all starts again, the council expects it to have a problem with the spaces available to all permanent tenants.

Zorgmed offers unsigned morning day activities three times a week. Trefpunt is a lively place where locals can go for a cup of coffee, have a conversation, or an activity. They stay in a room with a professional caregiver from Zorgmed and volunteers from Trefpunt.


There will be one container with toilets and a small kitchen, and the other three are for activities

Head of Ji and Nink

Since the start of this year, Archipel has been in the center every day with daytime activities for people who have an indication. They use several rooms, for example, gym and kitchen for meals. Archipelago is not enough for a hall. They are now using the empty halls, but will soon be up again. We realized we had to do something about it. We’ve studied the units and asked for different quotes, he says. There will be one container with toilets and a small kitchen, and the other three are for activities. No tenants have been identified that will end up in the containers. “

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Vegetable gardens

The containers will be placed on the turnhoutlaan side. The balcony will be tiled again and the greenery will be treated, but the greenery will remain. There will be a section with botanical gardens for sports enthusiasts. And Nink: “Everything is within reach, the only drawback is that people have to leave the house.”

Containers will provide enough space. An upward trend can be seen, especially among Zorgmed participants. WIJeindhoven: “We want to be a place to be a neighborhood and to connect with and engage locals. Registration is usually done via WIJeindhoven, but those who wish to come and have a look can come freely on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday mornings from 10:00 to 13:00.

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