Tribune Vde Gouvert surrenders to Vitesse fans’ celebration | football

The first two rows suddenly dropped slightly under the pressure of the jumping crowd. As far as is known, no injuries have been reported. After a short break, fans and players continued to celebrate at the stadium of arch rival NEC.

The mayor wants to investigate

Nijmegen Mayor Hubert Prols wants to know quickly how this could happen. “I was very shocked by what happened. Fortunately, as far as we know, no one was hurt. I want an investigation into what happened here as soon as possible.”

A Vitesse supporter who was present at the branch says: Gelderland broadcast That all fans can leave the branch by themselves. “It was a shock everyone is now back on the bus, happily without injuries. It was a shock,” said Danny’s supporter. “The atmosphere is nothing short of that. Everyone is safe on the way home. We won and that is the most important thing.”

Duck from A to Z

This is the second time in more than two years that part of a Dutch football stadium has collapsed. On August 10, 2019, part of the roof of Avas Stadium in Arizona collapsed during a severe storm. No one was on the field at the time.

The hosts close the collapsed part.

The hosts close the collapsed part.

collapsed platform.

collapsed platform.

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