Trio Wolfsburg qualify for the Champions League four times, and the exclusion of Van de Donk and Igorola after the excitement | sports

Gilles Rohrd, Len Willems and Dominik Janssen advanced to the Champions League semi-finals with Wolfsburg on Thursday. Viktoria Belova and the injured Vivian Miedema also did the trick for Arsenal on Wednesday. They will face each other in the semi-finals, so the final in Eindhoven will certainly have a Dutch contribution.

The Wolfsburg trio tied with Paris Saint-Germain (1-1) in front of their fans. That was enough after beating France (0-1). Alexandra Pope opened the score for the home team, with Rørd, Willems and Jansen starting. Kadidiato Diagne scored the equalizer in the 30th minute. Leke Martins was substituted in the 54th minute for Paris Saint-Germain. Jackie Groenen was injured.

Elimination of the defending champion Olympique Lyonnais after a penalty shootout

Damaris Igorola and Daniel van de Donk missed out on the Champions League semi-finals with their club, Olympique Lyonnais. It seemed that the French club was on its way to the semi-finals in London, but a penalty kick in the last minute of extra time turned the match against Chelsea upside down.

Igorola and Van de Donk were both at the base in Lyon, but did not finish the match. Egurrola was substituted in the second half, and Van de Donk was substituted in extra time. Vanessa Gill made sure she played football half an hour longer by recording fifteen minutes to go. Sara Debretz made it 0-2 in the 110th minute, which would be enough for the defending champions after a 0-1 home defeat a week ago.

In the last minute of overtime, Lauren James was fouled by Vicki Picchu. After the intervention of the video assistant referee, Chelsea conceded a penalty, which Maren Milde used with precision.

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In the penalty shoot-out that immediately followed, James missed Chelsea, Wendy Reynard and Lindsay Horan for Olympique Lyonnais. Chelsea’s hero was goalkeeper Anne-Kathrin Berger with two safes.

Danielle van de Donk tries to stop Niamh Charles with a tackle. © AFP

Belova with Arsenal to the semi-finals

Victoria Belova is a believer Same with Arsenal on Wednesday On account of Bayern Munich a place in the semi-finals. Barcelona knocked out Roma in the quarter-finals. The final will be played on Saturday 3 June at the Philips Arena in Eindhoven. Ajax and FC Twente participated on behalf of the Netherlands, but had already failed in the qualifying rounds.

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