Triodos appointed Hans Stegemann chief economist

Hans Stegmann is the new Chief Economist at Triodos Bank. In his new position, he will focus on gaining insight into and analyzing economic and social developments. He will also be responsible for the impact strategy for the sustainable bank.

Brand new Chief Economist joins from the Investment Management department, where he was Chief Investment Strategist. Stegeman can boast of more than twenty years of experience in the financial sector. Prior to joining Triodos in 2017, he worked at Rabobank in various capacities, including Chief Economist in the Netherlands. Stegeman started his career in 1998 at the Central Planning Office.

Triodos explains that it pursues the mission of making money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change. This requires a good understanding of the social and economic context in which the Bank operates.

Stegeman should help with that. The new Chief Economist and his team will focus on economic research, analysis and thought leadership on how the Dutch economy and society work and how they interact. Incidentally, the Knowledge Sphere also covers Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and the Dutch investment branch that is active all over the world.

Stegeman will also be responsible for Triodos Impact strategy and contribute to the bank’s vision of necessary social transformations and long-term goals.

Think about what is needed

“We believe that the global economy must fit within the borders of the planet,” explains Jacco Minnaar (Head of Commercial). “At the same time, we offer all people the opportunities and resources to live full lives.”

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This requires a profound transformation of the system. To contribute to this shift and make informed decisions, we must continually think about what is needed. This role is befitting of a Chief Economist, and we are very pleased that Hans Stegemann will take on this responsibility,” says Menard.

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