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From January 1, 2023, the excursion tax will increase from eight euros per ticket to a minimum of 24 euros per ticket. The Dutch wouldn’t be Dutch if we didn’t do our best to save them. A small study by shows that we do.

One option is for 64% of travelers to depart from a foreign airport to evade the flight tax. Forty percent of this group think Germany is a good option to leave, compared to 37 percent who prefer to drive to Belgium.

car or train

Travelers also think about traveling differently if ticket prices rise sharply. The car is the most popular means of transportation for more than half of the respondents. Train trip is an option for 42 percent of respondents. At just five percent, the boat is the least popular.

A train vacation hasn’t been a bad idea in recent years. This way you can easily go to London and Paris With international trains. Grab a Eurostar to St Pancras and then travel to Shoreditch for the ultimate London experience, Search our reporter


A train holiday can also be spent near the house. Leuven in Belgium is easily accessible by public transport. We already have great cafes, good hotels and of course bars to drink beer Once you have chosen

In any case, train travel is increasingly on the rise. With a growing selection of night trains and good connections to major cities, this method of travel is becoming more and more popular. This fits too With this year’s trendsWe want to travel sustainably, but it’s not always easy. According to research, about sixty percent of travelers would like a trip that doesn’t destroy the world too much.

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by boat

Train travel is ideal within Europe, but not all destinations are easily accessible by rail. Anyone who wants to go to America or Canada will soon have to rely on the plane. However, there are also alternative options: you can take a luxury cruise to the continent. For two to three weeks, you can enjoy the heated pools, the luxurious hotel room and of course the party life on the road.

Are you more adventurous? You can book the crossing on a cargo ship at selected travel agencies. For three to four weeks, you’ll sail a cargo ship, dine with the crew, and experience life at sea. You often have internet, but you have to do it without a pool and nights out.

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