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Very beautiful memory

“My solo trips to New Zealand in 2018 and 2019. Driving alone in my rental car and seeing all of those fantastic mountains, glaciers, lakes, beaches and forests was a wonderful experience. The most memorable moment on the way to Milford Sound via the Homer Tunnel. The trail was awesome with already steep mountain walls, narrow bridges over wild rivers and suddenly a vast, wide plain. The driver sang a dream song at the end of the tunnel, and the indescribable beautiful view over the valley made me cry spontaneously! ”


“On a city trip in Lisbon in 2019 with a friend, we met an American couple for their honeymoon last evening and the four of us ended up in the bubble. It became a little more comfortable there, and the next morning I was not very fit. I lost my wallet or it was stolen when we walked from the hotel to the bus stop. I was calling the bank to block my passes while boarding and it was very stressful. Eventually I boarded a flight to Amsterdam via a double hangover. ”

The final gadget

“My previous boss gave me a Cobro as a parting gift. It’s great if you want to capture a lot of your travels in photo and video. I used it a lot when hiking and kayaking in New Zealand.”


“When I was packing with a friend in Laos, I was able to avoid murmuring. We rented bicycles and accidentally stumbled upon it during a bicycle trip the day before I read a story on Twitter about a Dutch woman. I think this gave me an extra warning, because when we left the village and a few men on the other side got off the scooters, I immediately knew it was wrong. I started screaming in response and stopped the other tourists. Suddenly there were six of us. The men left. ”

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Ate crazy

“We ordered something to eat at the airport in Porto. I picked up some kind of butt and couldn’t really explain what it was to the woman who sold it. It turned out to be a trip; The worst thing I ever ate (and smelled)! Over the next few weeks, I laughed when I thought about that one bite. “


“Polly. I know a lot of people like this, I hope there are beautiful places, but it’s very disappointing. I’m also affected by food poisoning, so it doesn’t help.”

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