Trudeau investigates Chinese election interference | outside

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is launching an independent investigation into China’s interference in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian elections. He has also asked Parliament’s National Security Committee to investigate China’s attempts to influence the election results.

The Canadian newspaper The Globe and MayIn recent weeks, I have written on the basis of information leaked from Canadian intelligence that China has tried to manipulate the elections in order to bring the Liberal Party to power. The country would rather choose this party than a conservative opponent, because liberals are open to trade with China. Among other things, the newspaper said, misinformation has spread where many Chinese immigrants live, and that certified candidates from China were to receive cash donations.

Trudeau said Monday that the findings of the independent investigator, the security committee and the intelligence agency together could paint a clearer picture “of what has happened in the past two elections, how foreign governments have interfered, and how Canadian security agencies have responded to threats of interference.” How is this information exchanged between government departments?

Trudeau and Canada’s security services acknowledged that China tried to interfere in the Canadian election, but said the results were never affected. Trudeau has previously called reports of foreign interference “inaccurate”. When he took power in 2015, he said he wanted to strengthen ties with China. After Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada on suspicion of bank fraud and China arrested two Canadians in 2018, it inspected the relationship.

China has the messages The Globe and Mail He denied this and says he does not care about Canada’s domestic politics. The Chinese Embassy in Canada talks about “complete nonsense”.

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