Trump angry at decision to release tax returns: ‘The court has lost its honor’

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Former United States President Donald Trump has criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to release some of his tax returns. The Treasury Department is now required to submit its tax returns to a House Democratic committee. On his own social media platform Truth Social, Trump said that the court, to which he himself appointed three conservative justices, had lost its “honour, prestige and prestige”.

Yesterday, the highest US judicial body decided after years of legal wrangling that Trump’s tax returns should be handed over. The committee wants, among other things, to know the financial condition of Trump’s business empire.

Numerous investigations are underway into the former president’s tax returns. His legal team has always tried to keep the reports confidential. To this end, they turned to the Supreme Court in several cases, after the failure of their attempts in the lower courts.

Trump wrote in response: “Why should anyone be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do!” “It’s an unprecedented turnaround of tax returns, and it sets an appalling precedent for future presidents,” he said.

different legal position

The legal ball started rolling when Richard Neal, who chairs the Democratic committee that will investigate, asked Trump for his tax return three years ago. The US Treasury Department, which at the time was headed by a Trump-appointed minister, initially refused to hand over the documents.

There is a rush for the Democrats, because the new Congress will be installed on January 3, and then the Republicans will be in the majority. They, in turn, can try to stop the delivery of documents.

“We knew the strength of our case, we kept the course, and in the end our case was upheld by the highest court in the country,” said commission chairman Neil.

Another legal defeat

It’s another Supreme Court loss for the Trump camp. Last year, the chief justice actually ordered the former president to turn over his tax returns to the New York attorney general. He also wanted to investigate the financial condition of Trump’s business empire. The released documents must show, among other things, whether he committed fraud on his tax return.

Trump accused the attorney general of “digging for information” after the ruling. According to him, the court should never have aligned with that.

Trump is one of the few US presidents who has refused to release his tax returns, according to the Associated Press news agency. He plans to run again in the presidential elections in 2024.

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