Trump campaign leader testifies at Capitol hearing

It is not known whether the campaign manager, William Steppin, would testify voluntarily or if he was summoned.


Stebbin is currently serving as an advisor to Harriet Hageman, the Trump-backed candidate who is challenging incumbent Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney in the state’s August 16 primary. Cheney is the deputy chair of the Parliamentary Commission to Inquiry into the Riots.

In addition to Steppin, witnesses today include a Fox News journalist who was fired after reporting the actual results of the 2020 election, and officials from Pennsylvania and Georgia. Both countries went to Joe Biden in 2020.

Trump claimed to have won both countries. He allegedly pressured officials to change the results.

Second day of sessions

The first public hearing of the parliamentary committee was held last Thursday. Then several of those close to Trump testified, and new photos of the storming were shown. The session was broadcast live by most US news channels, with only Fox News deciding to continue with regular programming.

Monday’s session begins at 4pm Dutch time. After that, four more sessions are expected to follow.

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