Trump, House Republicans call for debate on election college rejection: Brooks

The House Republicans held a rare Saturday night conference call Election College Wednesday’s results, U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., Told Fox News.

50 legislators, President Trump And White House Chief of Staff Mark Lawn were on call.

He said not all members of Congress who participated participated Challenging Election college results, which supported the Democrats Joe Biden. Brooks did not identify the House members who were on the call.

“The speed of the fight against Voter fraud Electoral theft is on the rise, “Brooks told Fox News. As a result, the numbers that supported us yesterday are always filled with reinforcements today and the day after. “

“The fight against voter fraud and electoral fraud is accelerating.”

– U.S. Mo Brooks, R.-Ala.

Brooks told Fox News that there will be “many more congressmen” who will support opposing the election college results in some states.

It remains to be seen whether this forum will reach the simple majority needed to overturn the decisions of a state, Brooks explained to Fox News.

GOP LAWMAKERS reject GOP PUSH for election college results

“In my judgment, the primary reason many Congressmen and senators are now fighting this fight is that many American citizens know that this fight is important for the future of the United States,” Brooks said.

Trump has praised Republican lawmakers for rejecting election college votes. He expressed disgust at those who accepted Biden’s victory, calling them “weak and tired” in a tweet on Tuesday.

For an objection to be considered, it must be approved by at least one senator and a representative who opposes the decision of the Pennsylvania Sen.

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The senators announced Saturday that they would oppose an emergency 10-day audit to review allegations of voter fraud by the Election Commission.

Following the approved objection, the House and Senate shall adjourn their joint session and sit separately to discuss the objections. Two hours.

The House and Senate must vote on certifying the results; Objections must maintain a simple majority, otherwise they will be dismissed and existing decisions will be finalized.

Brooks said he did not believe the latest impetus was enough to get into the “dynamics” of what an investigation would be, and that the House and Senate leadership should have started one before “voter fraud and electoral fraud.”

The movement has caused divisions within the Republican Party, with several GOP senators condemning the move on Saturday.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R.-Utah, who has been a critic of the president throughout his tenure, called the GOP senators’ plan to reject election college decisions “the best maneuver.”

“Congress’ power to reject the electorate has been assigned to the most extreme and extraordinary circumstances. This is far from it. More Americans participated in this election than ever before, and they chose,” Romney added.

Sen. Pat Doomi, R-Pa., Condemned the move by defending the integrity of his state’s voting accountability, saying Trump’s loss was “explained by a fall in suburban support.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously urged GOP senators to accept Biden’s victory, but neither he nor Senate majority whip John Dune, RS.D.

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Despite former Attorney General William Barr declaring that there was no evidence to support widespread voter fraud, Trump has repeatedly called it electoral fraud.

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The Supreme Court has rejected two cases led by the Trump campaign, and has dismissed more than 50 cases from lower courts across the country.

But Brooks rejected this argument, saying prosecutors were unable to make a formal finding. “These cases are not dismissed for lack of evidence, they are dropped before the trial process is born.”

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