Trump marches for his supporters again | abroad

The rallies had previously been held during the Trump presidency and election campaigns. According to the source, the location of the new meetings is not known yet. The Trump team still decides that.

The meetings provide the former president with a large platform that allows him to communicate directly with his supporters again. Since his supporters stormed the parliament building, he is no longer welcome on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Since then, Trump has posted his remarks on his website, and they sometimes share conservative TV channels as well.

The 74-year-old has yet to announce whether he wants to run in the presidential election again in 2024, but he has not hinted at a new participation. The former president still commands significant support within the Republican Party. Trump’s inside party critic Liz Cheney lost a major spot in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The former president supported the idea of ​​replacing her with Lise Stefanic, who had stood by him several times in recent years.

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