Trump praises dictator Kim Jong-un and criticizes South Korea | Abroad

“Kim Jong-un from North Korea, I have enjoyed the most familiar situations, never respected South Korean President Moon Jae-in,” Trump said. “President Moon was a weak leader and negotiator, except when it came to America’s long-standing military fraud,” the former U.S. president continues.

Trump reiterated the accusation he made to several allies during his tenure, that they make very little contribution to the military security provided by the United States. “The Biden administration is not even going to ask about the extra billions that South Korea has promised to pay,” Trump continued.

During his presidency, Trump sought to act as a key mediator in the peace talks between bourgeois and democratic South Korea and the Stalinist-led North Korea. In 2018, Trump met with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. This is the first summit between the United States and North Korea, and they are still systematically at war with each other. Trump said the two “fell in love.”

Although it is known that North Korea no longer conducted nuclear tests and missile tests during the Trump administration, analysts say the closed country has not been idle in further developing its weapons.

South Korea promised the United States in March that it would pay 13.9 percent more for the presence of U.S. troops on the Korean Peninsula. The agreement was the result of a dispute between the two allies that arose after Trump accused South Korea of ​​paralyzing the United States. Washington has stationed about 28,500 troops in South Korea to protect itself from its hostile northern neighbors and to protect US interests in the region.

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