Trump says don’t worry about the 25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment allows the Vice President to accept the duties of the President when he can no longer perform office-related duties. Democrats submitted a resolution Monday. The House of Representatives is expected to vote late Tuesday.

“The 25th Amendment poses no danger to me,” Trump said while speaking on the southern border wall in Texas, signaling the strict immigration policies he has pursued over his four-year term.

In Alamo, Trump presented the border wall as a major success story. “I kept my promises,” Trump said. “In walled areas, the number of illegal crossings is rapidly declining.” His government has restored sovereignty in the United States, ending the “immigration chaos”.

“The future government should not think about tearing down the wall again,” he warned. Trump’s successor, incumbent Democratic U.S. President Joe Biden, will take office on January 20.

Building a wall on Mexico’s border was one of the promises Trump made before he was elected president. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in early January that the 720-kilometer border facility was ready. However, Trump’s border wall only replaces existing and obsolete border facilities.

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Democrats are starting to blame Trump, and Biden could suffer as well

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