Trump under investigation for violating the Espionage Act Abroad

This search found documents marked as “top secret”. It is intended to be “available only in private government facilities”. Of course, the legacy of a former president is not.


While searching for Trump’s property in Florida, the FBI found documents marked “top secret,” according to the Wall Street Journal. According to the newspaper, 11 sets of documents were shared.

The newspaper said that some of the documents marked “top secret” are intended to be “available only in private government facilities.” Of course, the legacy of a former president is not. In all, FBI agents took about 20 boxes of documents, including folders with photos and a handwritten note that Trump pardons Roger Stone, the president’s former ally. The documents are also said to contain information about French President Emmanuel Macron.

The Justice Department asked a Florida judge on Friday to release the search warrant, barring Trump’s objections. The 76-year-old former president had already said he would not block the release of the memo. He has said he is the victim of “unprecedented political efforts by law enforcement” by “radical left Democrats”.

The Justice Department notes that Trump and his lawyers received a copy of the search warrant, as well as a receipt of the seized documents.

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