Truss vs. Sunak: Who will be the next UK PM?

internationalAug 5 22, 12:26author: Remy Cook

In exactly one month, the British will have a new head of government. Judging by the polls, Secretary of State Liz Truss is the frontrunner. Her rival, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, was given the chance to include Conservative party members in a televised debate on Thursday night.

Liz Truss is the Leader of the Conservative Party.
Liz Truss is the Leader of the Conservative Party. (Palestinian Authority)

UK correspondent Leah Fan said “Not only is Liz Truss ahead of the race for Downing Street, but her lead has grown to the point where the public has wondered if it would be best for Sunak to throw in the towel voluntarily”. Bekhoven who followed the debate.

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Van Beckhoven believes this premise has good reason. Before the debate began, the Bank of England warned of a prolonged recession, and potential prime minister Truss showed decisiveness in the debate. This is precisely one of the reasons why Truss is so popular with party members. She has resolute optimism, just like Boris Johnson.

Economic demons

In fact, she says, “what the Bank of England expects may not materialize,” and “Prime Minister Truss can exorcise economic demons.” That means she has a very different approach than Sunak.

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According to van Beckhoven, Sonak has a more realistic view of the English monetary situation. He argues that all the lights are red in the British economy because of inflation. While Sunak brings more of the same, Truss is an extreme. Someone who wants changes, just as she has changed her position over the years on Brexit, Ukraine, the monarchy, etc.


Van Beckhoven says the choice is now up to Tory members. The choice is between a sensible and stable candidate who promises more of the same and a more unpredictable and exciting contestant, who will take more risks. Sunak was the winner of the debate, but Truss still has the best chance of succeeding Johnson.”

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