“Turkey intentionally insulted von der Leyen” | abroad

“The failure to give Turkey von der Leyen a seat alongside President Erdogan and European Union Council President Charles Michel was an insult on the part of Turkey,” Bonn said on French television. Turkey behaved badly. It is a Turkish problem that was deliberately done against us. We must not stir up guilt among the Europeans. “

The fact that von der Leyen was excluded led to accusations from European capitals against Turkey, but also to anger in Brussels. Turkey is defending itself by pointing to the confusion that arises when there are two European leaders whose responsibilities are unclear.

During the visit, von der Leyen was dispensed with a seat on the podium opposite Erdogan’s Foreign Minister, away from Erdogan and Michel. The head of the commission asked for attention, to no avail. Michel, the head of the Council of European Union Government Leaders, was silent and many blamed him for it. This issue is now referred to as Sofagate.

On Saturday, Michelle blushedly stated that he was sleeping poorly. “I’m not hiding that I couldn’t sleep well since that moment, because the pictures are still circulating in my head,” said Michel. And he added that if he can turn back time and undo it, he will.

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