Turkey wants to expel the Dutch ambassador and ten others

“I have instructed our foreign minister to deal with the de-declaration of these ten ambassadors as soon as possible,” Erdogan said. He finds their behavior indecent. If not in favor of a diplomat, the country concerned often decides to recall this person.

In addition to the Dutch ambassador Marjanne de Quostenit, they are ambassadors to Canada, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, the United States, France and Germany.

The ten ambassadors drew up a joint statement in which they supported the Osman Guard (64). He is now serving a four-year sentence without trial. According to officials, he wants to destabilize Turkey. Last year, after a life sentence, he was released in 2013 from funding anti-government protests. He was immediately charged with involvement in a plot that was foiled in 2016. He should remain in jail until the end of November, a decision was made. Court earlier this month.


In recent days, Turkey has already threatened to expel the Dutch ambassador and nine others, sparking a violent riot on a jailed Turkish activist. Erdogan said “we can’t” keep these ambassadors in Turkey.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry immediately called the report “unacceptable.” Ambassadors were called to account.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry says official confirmation of the deportation is not yet available. “We have noted the statements made by Turkish President Erdogan today. We have no official confirmation that Turkey is expelling the Dutch ambassador at this time. We are awaiting the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s involvement in this matter,” a spokesman said. .

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