Twelve major European teams held the Premier League, contrary to UEFA’s wishes

UEFA had earlier expressed its rejection of the planned plans for the Super League.Photo of the Environmental Protection Agency

The following clubs are closely involved in the revolutionary project: Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, FC Barcelona, ​​Internazionale, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. Three more clubs are expected to be added for the first season in the new European Championship.

The premier league management said in a press release that the founders are looking forward to discussions with UEFA and FIFA to work together “for the best outcome for the new league and football as a whole.” The Premier League kicked off on Sunday evening Its website is already onHe met with the slogan “The best clubs. The best players. Every week.”

UEFA and European competition organizers have previously expressed their rejection of the intended plans. “We will use all the resources available to us, at all levels, judicial and sports alike, to prevent the Premier League,” they warned in a joint statement. KNVB supports Uefa in this. KNVB fully supports this UEFA statement. The Premier League is not in the best interest of Dutch football, the Dutch Football Association reports.

FIFA also said in a short statement that it saw no benefit in forming the Premier League. “We do not agree with closed and divided European competition, outside the structures of international football. FIFA calls on all parties involved in the heated discussions to enter into a calm, constructive and balanced dialogue in favor of the game and in the spirit of solidarity and fair play.”

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The teams playing in the Premier League want to continue playing the league matches in their country, as per the founders’ plan. However, the question is whether that will still be possible. UEFA is threatening to expel participating clubs from national competitions and ban players playing in the Premier League from national teams.

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