Twenty years after the FMT crisis: ‘Little has been learned since’

“For example, in the event of an FMD outbreak, animals on nearby farms will be given a ‘live vaccine’, which means that these vaccinated animals may live, not be killed prematurely.”

A spokesman said killing animals should be avoided as much as possible. “After all, it’s about live animals that are part of companies and families that they care about every day.”

Very sad

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, measures were taken in 2001 to prevent the spread of the virus “considered necessary at the time”. “These actions have had a huge impact on the farmers involved, their families and communities. It is very sad that so many animals have been killed.”

Another adjustment made since the 2001 outbreak is that vaccinated animals no longer need to be killed. “Those animals will then have to be consumed in the region,” explains livestock farmer Wim Van Eek. “But I think it will never happen, because the meat will be named later. And everyone in the supermarket who sees it, leaves the grated meat and chooses one that is not emotionally sticky. It’s not unhealthy.”

But for him that was the truth. .

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