Two arrested 50 hours after Chinese building collapsed under rubble, nine arrested | abroad

Update / videoTwo people were pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in China after more than 50 hours on Sunday. Official media reported that dozens of people were still detained or missing. Local police said nine people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in Sunday’s incident.

On Friday afternoon, the eight-story building in Changsha – which once housed a hotel, restaurant and several apartments – collapsed. According to the authorities, after about 50 hours of rescue efforts, seven people were removed from the rubble.

At least 16 more people will be arrested. In addition, there are still approximately 40 people whom the authorities cannot contact and whose fate is feared. More than 700 rescuers were sent to help free people and search for the missing.

The mayor of the southeastern Chinese city of Changsha said their situation was “under investigation”.

A building collapsed in the Chinese city of Changsha on Friday afternoon. © AFP

Detective dogs are used, among other things, to search for potential victims under the rubble. It is not yet known if there have been deaths.

President Xi Jinping said the victims should be rescued “at any cost”. The cause of the disaster is still under investigation.

And arrested nine people, including the owner of the building and a team of security inspectors. They allegedly falsified a security statement for the building.

Rescuers search for victims under the rubble.

Rescuers search for victims under the rubble. © AFP

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