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videoTwo buildings collapsed in downtown Lille, northern France, this morning. It happened before the stores opened and it appears that there have been no casualties so far. 35-year-old Danielle Victory from Utrecht slept in a hotel next to one of the collapsed buildings. “It was a big mess this morning.”

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The apartment buildings were on a street near the Place du Théâtre, where there are a lot of shoppers on a Saturday morning. Four apartments out of the six are occupied in the buildings. “As far as we’re told, there have been no injuries,” says Danielle, who is spending the weekend with a friend. “This is the most important thing. Of course you are very shocked when you look outside your hotel room and see all this garbage on the street. But it is mainly about the victims.”

Before the collapse, Danielle felt her hotel room rock back and forth. “Everything started shaking, then a very heavy sound was heard. At first I thought of a big truck going down the street. Then an earthquake happened and before I knew it I saw a huge cloud of dust looming over the second floor.”

Danielle dressed like a charm and went out with her friend. “Of course you are afraid that your building will collapse as well, so we quickly got out of the place where the police were already.” Danielle doesn’t think she can go back to her hotel. “That seems very unlikely to me. Evacuation and stability of the property is still under investigation. We just went for a walk through town to recover from the shock.”

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The buildings were already evacuated at night from Friday to Saturday. “A young man came home at three in the morning and realized that the wall had curved,” Martin Aubry, mayor of Lille, told the newspaper. Le Foix du Nord. The man then alerted the emergency services, which decided to evacuate the building. The residents were taken care of in a hotel or with family.

The exact cause of the breakdown was not revealed. The neighborhood is closed. On-site emergency services.

The damage is great.

The damage is great. © RV

Buildings collapsed at night.

Buildings collapsed at night. © RV

Damage after the collapse of the night.

Damage after the collapse of the night. © RV

Pictures after buildings collapsed at night

Pictures after buildings collapsed at night © RV

Pictures after buildings collapsed at night

Pictures after buildings collapsed at night © RV

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