Two men and a woman survive for 33 days on a desert island | abroad

They were accidentally discovered by an aircraft crew on patrol. All three waved a flag to attract the crew’s attentionBBC Reports.

It was Riley Beecher who spotted people from the plane hanging in the air between the Florida Keys and Cuba. After flying over the island again at a low altitude, he saw that there were people in need. Drop the food, water, and radio so the three could be called. They themselves did not have the appropriate resources with them to take immediate action. “Unfortunately we didn’t have anyone who spoke Spanish fluently, but with the best of my Spanish I discovered that they were from Cuba and in need of medical care,” said Beecher, after calling over the radio.

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The three swam to the island when their boat began to sink. It’s not clear where the trio want to go.

A helicopter called up managed to get them out of the island called Anguilla Cay. They were taken to a hospital in Florida, but are doing well under the circumstances. One of the rescuers said he was “affected that they went on for so long.” “I don’t know how they did that.”

Hot sun

“If you look at the island from the air, it looks like there are little to gain. Fortunately, there were a few trees and shrubs so they could stay out of the scorching rays of the sun,” Beecher said. In addition to coconuts, the trio would have survived by eating oysters. “It’s just unbelievable that this is so good.”

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And according to the Coast Guard, had the Cubans not been found, they would likely have died from the lack of fresh water.

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