Two migrant boats sank off the Greek coast, at least 15 dead now

The Greek coast guard is carrying out rescue operations in two different places due to the sinking of boats carrying migrants. A boat carrying about forty people sank off the coast of Lesvos. Fifteen bodies and five people have been recovered so far. At the same time, a dhow carrying about a hundred refugees crashed into the rocks off the coast of the island of Kythira. Thirty people were rescued there.

It is not known how many people are missing off the coast of Kythira. Nor is it clear exactly how many people are still missing on Lesvos. The Coast Guard reported that three people were trapped in an inhospitable area.

Coast Guard spokesmen say adverse weather conditions are making rescue operations more difficult. According to local media, Kythira is currently exposed to gales and high winds. Because of these winds, the boat on the eastern side of the island would have had problems. A number of migrants are said to be on the rocks, but these reports have not been confirmed.

Several ships and a Navy helicopter are involved in the rescue operation in Kythira. It is not clear where the migrant boats come from. The island of Kythira is located between mainland Greece and Crete. Lesvos is located off the coast of Turkey. There, the military is involved in the rescue operation, according to the Coast Guard.

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