“Two separate qualifications, otherwise the sprint race is completely meaningless.”

Mike Heismans is critical of the current Formula 1 sprint format. As he stated in a recent Formula 1 Paddock podcast, the legendary nature of Grand Prix racing is being lost through sprint racing.

Looking forward to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Heismans believes there should really be a separate qualification for both the sprint and qualifying race. “This is much better, otherwise it has no function at all. Then it simply reduces the risk, because it is of no use to you.” But if it were up to him, sprint races should disappear from the calendar altogether. “Formula 1 is Formula 1. In fact, you only have to run one race on Sunday. Now you take the legend out of it.”

Max Verstappen is not the most popular in the United States

Heismans, who lives in Miami, gives his view on the growing popularity of the royal class across the pond in a podcast: “It hasn’t changed that much in Formula 1. It really came about 90 percent because of Netflix. A lot of people I’ve talked to don’t know.” Something about motor racing. Now they are suddenly experts in Formula 1.”

By the way, Max Verstappen is not the most popular F1 driver out there. According to Heismann, especially in Florida, more women are watching Formula 1, preferring Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc to the Dutchman. Although he also admits that the Latin American culture prevails in that situation and the Ferrari drivers have an advantage.

NASCAR is also very popular among motorsports fans in the United States, but according to Heisman, it’s fishing in a different pond. “The audience is very different. An American friend of mine described it very aptly: NASCAR is beer and burgers, and Formula 1 is cheese and wine. Listen to the entire podcast now via the link below.

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