Two years later Irene was correctly diagnosed: ‘I knew I had a lump in my nose’

After repeatedly forcing the doctor to do the scan, he was referred to an ENT specialist. “Then they talked about Meniere’s disease, in which an inner ear is malfunctioning.” Even after several tests at the hospital, no clear diagnosis was made. “I had all kinds of heart tests and all sorts of stuff was injected,” Bex says.

Diagnose the tumor

1.5 years later, Bex takes her to another doctor, who immediately sends her away. A new ENT doctor finds something wrong with his nose. Two days later the outcome of the trial was already there. “It turned out that there was a lump in my nasal cavity.” A 2.5 cm tumor was detected at a more advanced stage.

Bex is being treated with radiation. Very difficult time. “I had radiation under my neck,” he says. As a result, she could no longer speak for the first six months and now she has no saliva. “I have to drink five to six liters of water every day to swallow.” The 64-year-old is glad he was finally diagnosed correctly, and emphasizes the importance of always listening to your body.

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