May 25, 2024


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Tyson Fury deals with Dionte Wilder in battle for the title of World Boxer

Tyson Fury deals with Dionte Wilder in battle for the title of World Boxer

Twenty months ago, Fury won the world title from his opponent at the WBC Boxing Association. Three years ago, the first fight between two Ruffs ended in a draw.

Dionte Wilder Got Knock-Out.

Dionte Wilder Got Knock-Out.

On Saturday night, Fury proved to be very good for Wilder in the third fight in the United States. It’s not easy. Fury, for example, went down twice in the fourth round, but he recovered very strongly. In the eleventh round, Wilder, did not cross many dramatic blows. The American was taken to hospital.

“Such a blow would end a career. I hope he’s fine.”

Earlier, the friendship between the two giants rained down. At the press conference, the tension was so high that the organizers of the fight decided to abandon the usual startown, in which the boxers looked at each other for a while, motionless, but then hatched.

“It’s a great fight, Dionte Wilder is a great boxer. He made me work for my money,” Fury said. “I always said I was the best boxer in the world, but he comes in second.” And about the step he took to end the game: „Such a step would end a career. I hope he is well. “

Fury is now likely to face Ukrainian Alexander Uzbek, who holds the world heavyweight title in the other four federations. However, Osik will first face a fight with British Anthony Joshua, who lost to the Ukrainians last month, but says he has a right to revenge.

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