U.S. government employees have fallen ill after mysterious incidents around Washington

Evidence suggests that two potential ‘energy attacks’ have occurred in recent years. One was near the White House last year, and the other in 2019 on the outskirts of Washington. Officials consider this particularly worrying, and the senators have already been updated on the incidents.


The United States faced similar problems in 2016 and 2017. At the time, the mysterious Havana syndrome was prevalent among U.S. embassy staff in Cuba. They were plagued by strange noises and had to deal with unexplained health problems such as severe headaches and nausea.

The persistent health complaints of Americans in Cuba had far-reaching consequences. The United States has withdrawn several employees from the Communist island government. Later, similar incidents took place in countries such as China and Russia. There were attacks, and it is not clear who was responsible for them.


The most recent “energy attacks” are under investigation by the Pentagon, CIA intelligence and the State Department.

According to CNN, senators have been told that Russia may be behind the incidents, but according to locals, China is also viewed as a suspect.

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